About? About what?

About me?!

But I hate talking about myself! Truly this is no way to get to know someone.

Fine - I'll give you a little blurb if it makes you happy.

Scott Bauer

I am Scott Bauer. THUNDER CLAP - Yes - The Scott Bauer. There may be other Scott Bauers (Baueri?), but I'm the best Scott Bauer (don't tell the others, please). I write code. I write blog posts, as well, apparently... I don't know how that happened. I also write weird rambling About pages.


You could consider me a software engineer (or developer, if you prefer). Generally I spend my days writing Java and JavaScript/CoffeeScript while dreaming of doing something similar in Clojure. Research and development, prototypes, and being a general jack-of-all-trades are my areas of expertise. I am always open to learning new skills and retooling if it will help advance the goal.

I am smart, fast, adaptable, and get things done.

I prefer that my work has meaning.

In my spare time, I use Clojure to learn new things.

Please see my résumé and GitHub if you are interested in having a discussion. I probably can assist you in some mutually beneficial way.


You could consider me a husband, father, and cat owner. I also do traditional woodworking. Before you ask, "What?", that means I do not use power tools. Before you ask, "Why?", it is because I do not want to deal with all the extras involved in maintaining them. I certainly appreciate lunchbox planers for the time they save when preparing stock.

I've been in the warm embrace of computers and glowing monitors for as long as I can remember. Back when playing Warcraft or Darklands meant hoping you could find that piece of paper with the DOS command to launch the executable because you were too young to understand what any individual command meant... so, for me, the Nineties - what a time that was.

The number of times the word I was used was: 21. Therefore, that is enough about me - what about you? Go ahead and ask if you have questions or need anything. Here are some ways to reach me. As long as it isn't creepy or spam you will get a response.